Part of Something Bigger

I can’t help myself.  I’ve become addicted to other creatives.  In this world of social networking it’s so easy to find out what other people are doing, creating, dreaming – that is if they’re on the side that loves social media.  There’s a good handful of photographers around the country that I love to be challenged by.  I’ve found myself following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, reading their blogs and generally just wishing they’d show up on my doorstep and ask me to hang out with them.  I’ve never been one to be star struck (I can remember seeing Tiger Woods, who I’m a big fan of his golf, at a tournament and being excited that I got to see him play in person, but I wasn’t peeing my pants!) but it’d be really cool if they wanted to be my friend.

I love hearing what folks like Chase Jarvis are up to – about the projects they’re working on because it gets my creative mind flowing and either asking myself what could I do that’s unique, or how can I contribute to this project, adventure, idea that is bigger than myself.

Check out what Chase Jarvis has going on tomorrow!


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A Minnesota Creative on a journey.
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2 Responses to Part of Something Bigger

  1. Abhi says:

    Well, reading through you posts (right from the 1st one), I feel you could add ‘photographer’ to your profile. I would like to see your pictures though! check out mine


    PS:FYI Got here through the Chase Jarvis blog.

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